The project SHOPLANG 2.0 is a continuation of the project “SHOPLANG – The Shopping Language Game” which was funded under the former Socrates / Lingua 1 programme for the period 2006-2008. SHOPLANG 2.0 is supported under the programme “Lifelong Learning” of the European Commission for the period 2010-2012.

The idea of SHOPLANG 2.0 is to provoke and encourage the interest of the audience in the less popular European languages. The aim of the project is to give basic knowledge of the target languages and thus to facilitate the everyday activities of the European citizens who have become more and more mobile, engaged in the preservation of the environment, and the healthy way of life. In the informal environment of the local shop people can be easily motivated to learn foreign languages and to recognize that as an advantage.

The project will be realised in supermarket chains through promotional campaigns in the target languages. Two campaigns per language will be organised in each partner country. The campaigns will involve the supermarket customers in entertaining language games and activities providing information in the target languages. Those activities will be supported by learning materials developed under the project.

Important expectation under SHOPLANG 2.0 is the potential for incorporating some of the developed materials and methods in the learning modules of existing language courses. Associated language providers will try out the developed materials with their language students and at a later stage use them as supporting materials in the course of study.